Attorney Time

SO SORRY. My husband and I have gotten handed a major challenge and we are back in the attorney world to fight Libby once again over her bs. So, when I can come up for air and think to write, I will shall. Elle.B. Advertisements

Sensory Toy Saves a Pool Day!

My sweet angels love the water. Well, let me rephrase that: they love swimming in water or bathing, but not water on their heads. So pool days are awesome for all of us. Water is an amazing sensory therapy for the girls. Last week, I asked if they wanted to go swim at the pool … Continue reading

I’m still here…

… I promise. We returned back from an amazing trip with friends and there have been so many priorities! I have been thinking about this blog and writing down ideas and thoughts that I want to share, but for now, I have to get organized and celebrate Father’s Day with some amazing Fathers. Please have … Continue reading

High School Graduation Ending with Fatalities

While vacationing at a friend’s house this past week, something completely horrible happened in this nice little town in Ohio. When we heard the news from a family member in the neighborhood, we all took time to talk, reflect and mourn over what tragically occurred. It’s graduation time all over the country. Everyone is excited … Continue reading

Originally posted on Beyond Autism Awareness:
Autism In Their Own Words This poem was submitted by Dorothy P. Hopkins. Her granddaughter wrote this poem about her brother with autism for her school’s poetry contest.  Although he can’t speak I know his emotions He’s frustrated, why can’t we understand him He’s confused Does he know he’s…

Joint Custody and Summer Vacations Part 1

Agreements between parents of a joint custody child are never easy or understood correctly (at least not by the bipolar crazy mother). It must be difficult being crazy and illiterate? Let me do you all the honor of reading through the agreement section regarding Summer Vacation Visitations and then I’ll copy and paste the conversation … Continue reading

Originally posted on Beyond Autism Awareness:
I certainly hope that my cynicism is wrong; to her credit, Katie Price does not tout ‘cures’ for her son’s Autism.  By this, and other accounts, she is at least cognizant of the impact of education, and the lack of it, on her son’s conditions.   If she starts to…