Posted in May 2012

Packing for a Summer Trip

I know that a lot of you will be packing up your cars this summer and driving to your vacation destinations. So today, I’m making a list that may help organize you for a trip with your little ones with special needs. The thing about my autistic children is that they are constantly changing. Things … Continue reading

Thoughts from the past.

This is something that I wrote a long time ago and found in my phone. It was probably during a rough time… I should have started this blog years ago: “I have no “real” job… I’m a mother. We don’t get paychecks. We get budgets and expense reports. Who am I? A 30 something of … Continue reading

Memorial Day Weekend.

Sorry that I didn’t write over the holiday. Sometimes it’s necessary not to have on any electronics and just enjoy all of those special moments with your loved ones. But I was thinking about you all and wondering about what I should write about next. Clearly, blogging is new to me. So I thought it … Continue reading

Lies and frustrations.

Happy Memorial Day Weekend to you all! I’m going to skip story time and go straight to the frustrations of yesterday: 1st- One of my autistic twins who is five years old, cried for about three straight hours yesterday. She was upset and wouldn’t tell me what was wrong. The twins are still behind in … Continue reading

The first time I met my daughter.

Let’s now chat about the first time I met my first daughter. My husband invited me one day to his friend’s house for a cookout. He said that his daughter & Libby would be coming. A little nervous and frightened, I was still excited. He got a call from Libby, she was outside, he left … Continue reading

I chose to stay.

So skipping ahead a little…. I met my husband in March of 2005. It was through a good friend of mine and his. It was not planned. We talked that first night about his new baby girl, who was almost two months old. And also my current situation, which was with a news anchor who I was … Continue reading

I’m done being quiet.

I’m done. I’m done being quiet. One day when my daughter is old enough to want to know the truth, this book is for her. It’s also for all the good step mommies, step daddies, single fathers and single mothers out there who are fed up with being f***ed every day just because of bulls*** … Continue reading

Mother’s Intro

Raising children and a family is difficult enough. And don’t get me wrong, I love it. I love my family and my life so much. They are amazing and I wouldn’t change anything for them or my life today. But the reason that I started this blog is for my children and for anyone who … Continue reading