The World of Child Custody.

I love my daughters. I wish there were a thousand hours in the day and that I truly was a super mother who had the energy to play, laugh, dance, imagine, sing, create, etc… with my girls all day long. (I know with their energy, they definitely could last a thousand hours if I let them!)

So, when it comes to the little time we have with my step daughter, we embrace every little second. This leads me to child custody. If you don’t have to deal with it, then you are LUCKY.

Before I met my husband, I really never even thought about it. My parents have been married for forty plus years, so it was never an issue.

My husband and my step daughter’s mother were never married. If you are reading my blog for the first time, then I’ll tell you that Libby (my step daughter’s mother) decided she was going to get pregnant to keep her man. Read here for more details:

And since my husband is such an amazing person, he believed that things would get better with Libby. Boy was he wrong. No offense, but Libby is definitely one of those psychopathic crazy nut jobs of the world, that will always be crazy. And unfortunately, things have never gotten better. Not in seven years. Although, another blogger, just recently gave me a little hope that it might.

I will get into more of what we have gone through with legal issues in upcoming blogs, but today, I must hold off. You see, it’s a long story, and we are leaving for a long vacation soon, so there is a huge list of things that I must do before we head off on the first of our summer vacations.

Below are some sites that outline the differences between physical, legal, sole and joint custody. Now, every state and country is completely different. In the South, the mother gets more custody (in our case that makes us totally screwed unless the judge finds the mother with a needle up in her arm) and in the North, the father generally gets the custody.

If anyone has any stories, suggestions or facts from their part of the world, please comment. This will definitely help others out there to deal or know about the world of child custody.


NOLO Law for All by Cathy Meyer OR (Global Resource)


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