Vacationing with Autism

Taking a family vacation with autistic children is NOT EASY.

I hate when I hear other parents complain about how hard their life is. Because if you spent one moment with a family that has any special needs children, maybe you would wake up and realize that you are probably terrible or lazy parents. That you have children that can be molded into whatever you make of them.

Not saying anything against any special needs families… but it is definitely not easy. There are many places that we can’t go to. There are many ways that we can’t travel by. There are somethings that our special needs children will never be able to experience.

We have learned over time to adjust our life to fit the needs of our autistic twins. And we are totally loving every minute that we get to leave and experience something new with them. See their reactions and take in all of these happy sacred moments.

So whatever you guys are doing this summer for your vacations, remember that it is about all of the little moments, remember that it is about our children and families and more importantly remember how incredibly lucky we all are to be alive and breathing everyday.



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