Sensory Toy Saves a Pool Day!

My sweet angels love the water. Well, let me rephrase that: they love swimming in water or bathing, but not water on their heads. So pool days are awesome for all of us. Water is an amazing sensory therapy for the girls.

Last week, I asked if they wanted to go swim at the pool and I got “no, thank you!” Completely surprised, I asked why, but with them, they really aren’t able to explain that, yet.

Then I remembered when were on vacation that a sweet lady at the pool had some paintbrushes for her daughters as toys. I was thinking that this may be the way back to the pool!

What a hit! The girls were so excited! We got to the pool and they loved the paint brushes. It was non-stop fun for hours. And no mess, a paint brush, pool water and cement.

Who would of thought? So thank you so much lady at the pool, you have no idea the happiness that you passed on and we are all sincerely thankful!





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