Comparison between “Tangled” and our daughter’s Crazy Mother

Everyone has emailed me asking to see a picture of Libby, so this is her:

Really, I’m serious. I think, that Disney called her and asked to portray her for the movie, “Tangled.”

Libby and all of her bi-polar phases.

Libby at her worst.

Us & our daughter.

We have watched “Tangled” probably a hundred times. And every time I see it, I see Libby as Mother Gothel.

Her attitude is practically the same.

The world owes her everything.

She will hurt anybody and everybody to get what she wants to make herself happy.

She manipulates her daughter into thinking that she is a good mother and constantly keeps her away from her father and I.

Libby doesn’t care that she hurts our daughter and every one else in her world.

It’s pretty sick. But we deal with this everyday. We always wonder why we are stuck in this and how can we fix it so that our daughter’s world is better?

No matter what we try or what we do, it’s always the same. She hates us. She hates that she has to share our daughter. She is jealous of her daughter’s life with us. She abuses her rights as a mother. She never changes and it never gets better.

At least we have come to realize all of this now. We shape everyday how it fits our daughter and family for the best. We are all completely happy love this life. Writing in this blog helps us deal with the constant negativity. And so, I thank you all for reading.

Thank you Disney for putting Libby into perspective for the rest of the world to see and for use of your photographs in this blog.



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