Frustrations with Custody and Phone Conversations

Looking through past emails from Libby to my husband, my stomach curdles. I really wish that this girl wasn’t nuts so that we could reason with her. This is one of the less crazy ones, but it still is sad because it just hurts our daughter in the long run.

The reason that I am posting this is because it’s been almost six months that we have had this supposed “help in communication” for our daughter. Here’s the email to my husband after Christmas:

”  I will be sending my daughter’s phone with her this weekend.  It has a limit on minutes that is why it is for us right now.  If she showed responsibility with it then more access can be added.  I have programmed speed dial numbers in there for her. 2- mommy 3-don 4-you(cause you like 4’s) and 5, is Elle.  It is charged.  It has only been charged once Christmas Eve and she has used it so the battery should not go dead.  Being that is is Jan 6th and still haves 3 bars.  I know she will want to go in another room to call you and that’s fine but PLEASE limit calls within the house so she has minutes left. 

I will call her phone this weekend so please let her answer it.  Hopefully this will help communication between parents and my daughter.

I had the pharmacy label a small bottle to bring to your house.  PLEASE make sure she takes it twice you shouldn’t run out for a while but let me know when you start getting low.  This bottle is for you to keep there for her.

 I will bring her tonight so we will see you at 6.


So this is how it works:

When our daughter is at her Mother’s house (which is 75% of the year), the phone, according to our daughter is not around for her to use to call us.

When our daughter is with us, her Mother calls it many times a day… 3-6 times.

So what’s the real deal for the phone? Yes, you can guess. It’s really for Mommy Libby.

We got you Libby, you are again crazy and not trying to let our daughter ever be apart of our world. You are constantly trying to control and manipulate every situation so that you are happy, not our daughter.

Can’t wait for the day when she realizes what a fake you are. And believe me, it probably won’t be from reading my book, it will be because she is too smart to believe in your lies, betrayals and deceit.

Thanks for listening,



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