Dear Daughter, Your Birth Mother is a Wicked Monster

Dear Daughter,

Your birth mother is a complete waste of this world. I would really like to call her a bitch.

Again, she is starting a war. And the most terrible thing about it; again she is lying to you and denying you the life you deserve. Just for her own well being of being completely selfish.

I do hate her. She is probably one of the few people on this earth that I would NOT shed a tear if she passed away.

Even more, the frustration and struggle that your wonderful dad has to go through again to fight to keep you in our lives is beyond stressful and crazy.

I wonder if you knew any of the truths about her, would you still love her? Family and friends that we share how horrible she is to you, Don and our family, they are disgusted, in complete disbelief and then they joke about how to get rid of her.

None of us would ever do anything to cause her harm, but it’s sad that probably about 500 people wish her dead…. And that’s just people we know. We’ve heard stories about her family, past friends and lovers that completely hate her too.

I know that it’s terrible to share this with you. But it’s the truth my sweet angel, and I have and will always tell you the truth.


It shouldn’t have to be like this. And I’m so sorry that she is your birth mother and that one day you will find out all of this. It will be like a nightmare.

But always remember one thing: Mommy Elle LOVES YOU!

I do sweet child, I always have and I will never stop loving, protecting, guiding and caring for you.

Okay, I have to stop. Too many tears are falling from my eyes and I can’t see anymore to continue writing.

Love, Mommy Elle

For my readers out there: I will be sharing what happened in a blog this week. It’s too much to deal with right now. And I need to be strong for the rest of my family on this beautiful summer weekend.



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