Posted in June 2012

Tantrums or Sensory Overload

It’s so hard sometimes to determine whether your special needs child is just upset and dealing with the normalities of growing up or if it’s an allergic reaction to the world around him or her. My husband and struggle with this all of the time. And sometimes it’s a mixture of both…. And we get … Continue reading

Family Trip to the Zoo

To my three daughters: Today we all went to the zoo. You guys were all completely excellent. You had so much fun looking at all of the animals. It was simply a delight. See, the reason I am saying this is because not all of our family outings run smoothly. Sometimes one of you doesn’t … Continue reading

Vacationing with Autism

Taking a family vacation with autistic children is NOT EASY. I hate when I hear other parents complain about how hard their life is. Because if you spent one moment with a family that has any special needs children, maybe you would wake up and realize that you are probably terrible or lazy parents. That … Continue reading

Originally posted on Beyond Autism Awareness:
A recent change in federal policy could lead many more families affected by autism to gain insurance coverage for applied behavior analysis, advocates say. In a major shift, the U.S. Office of Personnel Management said that it has determined there is enough evidence behind the use of ABA therapy…

I love you.

I remember the day that the doctor told us that our twins had autism. It was three years ago. Autism was just getting into the media and public slowly. Not like it is today. It is amazing the amount of support, charities, research and public figures who are getting involved to take help out this … Continue reading

The World of Child Custody.

I love my daughters. I wish there were a thousand hours in the day and that I truly was a super mother who had the energy to play, laugh, dance, imagine, sing, create, etc… with my girls all day long. (I know with their energy, they definitely could last a thousand hours if I let … Continue reading

Originally posted on NewsFeed:
It’s that time of year again, when nothing seems more inviting than a dip in a cool swimming pool on a hot, muggy day. But boy, do we have a surprise for you. A survey conducted by the Water Quality & Health Council has found that one in five adults urinates…

Mother’s Day.

So a funny thing happened over Mother’s Day…. not really, I’m being extremely sarcastic. This is written in the agreement between my husband and my stepdaughter’s mother, Libby, regarding phone calls: “Each parent shall have reasonable telephone access to the child while in the care of the other parent, not to exceed three (3) times … Continue reading