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Attorney Time

SO SORRY. My husband and I have gotten handed a major challenge and we are back in the attorney world to fight Libby once again over her bs. So, when I can come up for air and think to write, I will shall. Elle.B. Advertisements

Joint Custody and Summer Vacations Part 1

Agreements between parents of a joint custody child are never easy or understood correctly (at least not by the bipolar crazy mother). It must be difficult being crazy and illiterate? Let me do you all the honor of reading through the agreement section regarding Summer Vacation Visitations and then I’ll copy and paste the conversation … Continue reading

The World of Child Custody.

I love my daughters. I wish there were a thousand hours in the day and that I truly was a super mother who had the energy to play, laugh, dance, imagine, sing, create, etc… with my girls all day long. (I know with their energy, they definitely could last a thousand hours if I let … Continue reading

Mother’s Day.

So a funny thing happened over Mother’s Day…. not really, I’m being extremely sarcastic. This is written in the agreement between my husband and my stepdaughter’s mother, Libby, regarding phone calls: “Each parent shall have reasonable telephone access to the child while in the care of the other parent, not to exceed three (3) times … Continue reading

Thoughts from the past.

This is something that I wrote a long time ago and found in my phone. It was probably during a rough time… I should have started this blog years ago: “I have no “real” job… I’m a mother. We don’t get paychecks. We get budgets and expense reports. Who am I? A 30 something of … Continue reading

Memorial Day Weekend.

Sorry that I didn’t write over the holiday. Sometimes it’s necessary not to have on any electronics and just enjoy all of those special moments with your loved ones. But I was thinking about you all and wondering about what I should write about next. Clearly, blogging is new to me. So I thought it … Continue reading

Lies and frustrations.

Happy Memorial Day Weekend to you all! I’m going to skip story time and go straight to the frustrations of yesterday: 1st- One of my autistic twins who is five years old, cried for about three straight hours yesterday. She was upset and wouldn’t tell me what was wrong. The twins are still behind in … Continue reading